Winter holidays is the best chance to leave big cities and its busy rush life. And get to magnificent mountains of Kyrgyzstan. You will be impressed when you just arrive to the airport. From the city you can see snow white peaks that a higher then 400m. And heart starts beating faster of impressive view of breathtaking scenery. Time for skiing starts in December and finishes just in March. 90% of the whole territory of the country occupy mountains. So it is even difficult to imagine how many slopes are there for skiing in mountainous Kyrgyzstan. Both professional skiers and just beginners can find appropriate slopes for skiing. Ski touring is more one option how to spend winter holidays in Kyrgyzstan. Different programs will satisfy every active skier. Our guides will take you to the best slopes with the best snow conditions. You will be impressed by amazing scenery of panoramic views of valleys covered with fur trees and deep snow. It is possible to touch an ancient history of nomadic people and spend nights in warm heated Yurts (dwelling of nomads, yurt is more then 2000 years old). Visiting natural hot springs will not leave any one indifferent. This is one of the best ways for rest and recovery. For professional skiers we can offer heli ski programs. It will take you couple of hours from Bishkek to get to the ski resort where you will meet up with guides and pilots. By helicopter you will get to the best slopes for your extreme descent. Fresh air, powder snow, speed, adrenaline, positive emotions, not forgettable impressions and all of this is winter Kyrgyzstan!