If you plan your expedition to Lenin peak first of all you think about the camp where to stop. Why to choose “Asia Mountains” camp?

“Asia Mountains” base camp is a small and cosy place located high in the mountains. We have limited quantity of people in our camp. You will feel yourself as a special guest in the Mountains of Pamir. We will pay all our attention to you and your team. You shouldn’t wait for your turn before breakfast or dinner. We have enough place for everyone. Our cook will make fantastic food for you.  We are always open for suggestions and complaints. You will enjoy of our  homely atmosphere at the Base Camp and Camp 1. You will relax and recreate before and after your expedition to Lenin peak.


When there are not so many people at the camp it makes your ascent much safe. Head of the base camp controls every climber.

We do not put tents over 4200m because of safety. According to earlier experience tents were destroyed by wind and snow or were busy by other climbers. That’s why it is much safe to carry a tent with you (by porter for example).


We work with best guides. We are glad to give you a chance to make an ascent with super star guides: N. Totmyanin,  A. Lukin, O. Turaev, B. Dedeshko, A.Usmanov, A. Erokhin, A. Ilyin, Y.Nikotin.


E-mail us and we willinform you about valid dates and guides.

You shouldn’t be an alpinist to visit our Base Camp. You are welcome for relaxation and get positive emotions in the big mountains.