When you travel a lot you open new horizons for yourself. In you get deeper to another country, life and its traditions and food. It is so interesting to try new food in another country.

Kyrgyz people are nomadic people. Almost all dishes are with meat. It is difficult to imagine vegetarian nomads. We have made a list of the most popular dishes in Kyrgyzstan and we recommend to try it!


1) Plov. Cooked with meat, carrots, onion and rise.

plov art


2) Besh Barmak. Translated like five fingers because people eat it by hands. Cooked meat with wide noodles.



3) Lagman. Fried meat with vegetables and long noodles.

lagman art


4) Manty. Dough with meat, fat and onion. They be with potatoes

manty art


5) Kazy. Traditional horse’s sausage. Usually eaten at big holidays.


chuchuk art


6) Shorpo (soup) – soup with meat and vegetables.


shorpo art


7) Samsa. Dough with meat and onion. Can be with chiken, beef, potatoes, cheese.

samsa art


8) Fresh fruits, vegetables, dry fruits and nuts. You can find it at the bazaar or supermarkets.


frukti art


9) Kurut. Sour-milk dried product. Has a slightly salty taste.

kurut art


10) Kumyz. Fermented mare’s milk.

kymyz1 art

11) Maksym. A natural drink that includes: artesian water, barley, corn, wheat, melted butter, wheat flour, salt, yeast.

maksym art



Please share in comments what did you like most of all in  Kyrgyzstan?