Ski tour in Terskey Mountains 2018-19

  • Destination: Kyrgyzstan, Terskey mountains, Tien-Shan
  • Duration: 8 days
  • Price: $1320

In this program we offer you to visit Eastern Issyk-Kul shore and the slopes of Terskey-Ala-Too. This region will definitely suit the ski tour programs. The ride will take place not far from the settlement and the largest ski base in Kyrgyzstan. Several gorges with absolutely different slope characteristics, climate and relief offer an endless ability for off ride. The conditions of skiing will suit even the most exquisite taste: from the long multiday ski touring to the extreme slides from the steep slopes with the height differesnce over 1000 m. You will walk on skis many kilometers through the most beautiful valleys with wonderful and untouched picturesque scinery. After hard working day you have a chance to rest in cosy guest house in Karakol, relax in sauna, try national food and visit natural hot springs.

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Day 1
Arrival to Bishkek. Meeting up with representative of the company in the airport. Transfer to Karakol (400км). Lunch on the way. Accommodation in the guest house. Meeting up with guides, avalanche safety briefing. Dinner.
Day 2
Breakfast in the guest house. After breakfast transfer to Karakol ski resort (8км). Skiing at the base. Karakol ski resort is situated at the altitude 2300m so you will get good acclimatization before off piste riding. Lunch. You will have full day of skiing at slopes among fur trees. Transfer back to the guest house. Dinner.
Day 3
Breakfast. Transfer to Bozuchuk gorge (45 km from Karakol, 1900m). We will meet up with horsemen near the house of forester and get to the line of fur trees (2600m). Short lecture of avalanche safety and we will start the way down. Here we have a chance to get even higher to the plateau (2800m) and ski down from the highest point. Steepness of slopes is 20-35 degrees. Lunch in the house of forester. Transfer back to the guest house. Overnight
Day 4
Breakfast. Transfer to the gorge for ski touring (40km from Karakol). This gorge is very interesting for its slopes of different steepness . It will take us about 1.5 hours from the village to get to the mountain. From the top we will see a panoramic view of the lake Issyk Kul and other nearest gorges. Elevation changes up to 600 meters, steepness of slopes is 20-35 degrees. When we finish ski touring we will come back to the guest house. Sauna and rest. Dinner. Accommodation in the guest house.
Day 5
Day of rest. After tasty breakfast we will have a city tour in Karakol: Russian Orthodox Church, Muslim Mosque and museum of Russian traveler and explore M. Prjevalski. Lunch in the local restaurant. After lunch we drive to the natural hot springs. In the evening transfer back to Karakol. Dinner. Night in the guest house.
Day 6
After breakfast we start driving to ski tour region. It will take us about 40 minutes (35km). We will get to the village by car and start ski touring from here. The way up will take us about 2-4 hours. It will depend on the route that we can take. The way leads through the fur trees forest. Elevation changes up to 600 meters steepness of slopes is 20-35 degrees. After skiing we will get back to the guest house. Dinner. Overnight in the guest house.
Day 7
When we finish our breakfast we will drive to the mountains. The way will take 40 min by car (30km). The rout goes through the forest and steepness of the ridge is just about 25 degrees that will save your energy. From the top you see a picturesque view of neighbors slopes covered with fur trees. Slope is 20-35 degrees and elevation difference is 900m. After the descent we will come back to Karakol. Dinner. Overnight in the guest house.
Day 8
Transfer back to Bishkek. Lunch on the way. Overnight in the guest house. Farewell dinner. Transfer to the airport. End of program.

Price of program season 2018-2019

4 pax – 1390 USD per person

5 pax – 1380 USD per person

6 – 8 pax – 1320 USD per person       


Groups from 4 to 10 people. In every group will be 1 or 2 guides. Guides will choose the slope for skiing.

It depends on the snow conditions and avalanche safety.

Necessary equipment

Skis for ski touring. For snowboarders: split boar or snowshoes. Helmet. Ski pools. Avalanche

equipment (possible to take for rent, limited amount). Backpack. Warm clothes (temperature can get to

– 15). Sunglasses, ski mask, sun burn cream.

Conditions of the program. This ski program is for skillful skiers. Slopes are absolutely different:

steepness of slopes is 20-35 degrees. Elevation changes up to 1200m. Routswillbechosenbyguides. It will

depend on avalanche safety and level of skiing of participants.

Price includes

1. All transfers according to the program

2. Double rooms accommodation

3. Food – B/L/D

4. Guide

5. Excursions according to the program

6. Entrance fee according to the program

7. Price of ski lift in Karakol (1day)

Price doesn’t include

1. All changes in the program

2. Alcohol drinks

3. Single accommodation

4. Visa

Additional program conditions

1.  The group should consist of minimum 2 persons minimum;
2.  All routes are chosen by  guides and depend on the group riding level, snow and weather conditions;
3.  The program is planned for avalanche safety;
4.  We do not return money back to the client if the runs didn’t happen because of other reasons, such as broken equipment, illness, late take-off or early landing, caused by the client;
5. For the program you are required to have insurance:

- BIPPER must be turned on and it should be switched off only after descent (it has to be working all time of skiing for all day)

- Before starting the way down it is very important to listen to the instructions on descent down the slope.

- During a descent it is necessary to follow the direction and the order specified by the guide.

- To overcome doubtful sites on a slope you should be under obligatory visual control of the guide or other participants of the group.

- You must always remember that with moving on a height and an exposition of a slope, the condition of a snow can be changed.

- Do not gather in dangerous places and if it is difficult to avoid no more than 2-3 persons.

- Do not jump over cracks, eaves and rocks before the place of landing is checked.

- Do not scream, throw stones or other objects, as it can cause the falling of an avalanche.

- Remember, that any of your risk actions can lead to traumas.

- Help to raise others after falling in a deep snow.

- You are not alone on a slope, and your wrong actions can spoil the rest of other participants or moreover lead to irreparable consequences.

- In case of a non-standard situation, do not panic! Try to sensibly estimate the situation and follow the instruction of the guide or more skilled participants of the group. Remember, that the correct and real estimation of a situation is much better, than rash actions!

- Before the beginning of the program and daily – you will be instructed on weather of the area, on condition of a snow and some rules of riding on concrete slopes.