The winter is over but it is too early to pack your skis! Kyrgyzstan is still available for skiing in spring. Trees are in bloom in the city. But mountains are still covered with the snow. The best places for spring skiing are not far away from the city and it is possible to get there by car. The climate is mild. In the mountains it is usually not very cold during the night this period (march-may) -5-10. You may get positive impressions after skiing and enjoy wonderful views from summits that you will climb. Accommodation is possible in cottages and yurts. It will depend on the direction that you will choose. If you prefer extreme skiing with wild life conditions you are welcome to Ala Archa national park. Here you will walk on skis enough, climb peaks higher then 4000m and ski down at the glacier with untouched snow. You have just to come with the sense of adventure and to get not forgettable impressions!