Semen Dvornichenko worked as a guide with Asia Mountains at Lenin Peak. He spent almost the whole summer there. He got to the summit several times: acclimatization, work with 2 clients and Lenin Race. We are proud of his strength and power! And in the end of the season we got a chance to talk with Semen about his life, competitions, preparations for running.

Dialog with Semen Dvornichenko:

1.Mountains. How it started?

There were no climbers in my family. My teacher of Geography took us to the mountains. Then we started hiking with Oleg Pechenyuk, later he became a well known Ecologist in the country. And then I joined alpinism club “Politeh”.

2. How did you become a sky runner?

There was “Raid Gauloises Championship” in 2003. Aleksandr Gubaev was a coach of Kyrgyz team. Then we started hard training. And after that I started sky running instead of mountaineering

3. What is Lenin Race?

This is high altitude mass running competition.

 4. What do you like in sky running?

I like an opportunity to do something impossible, on the verge of insanity. To push boundaries in my head and mind. First when you get to the summit during acclimatization you push boundaries of your opportunities and power. Then you climb the mountain in one day and during the competition and you should try to do your best. When you improve your result for a couple of minutes you push boundaries of your mind. Some years ago people could say that it is impossible to make 7000 m in several hours. Some people still do not believe. But for us it is something usual.

 5. Tell us about preparations for Lenin Race?

I always have preparations. Before the competition I come to Lenin peak one month earlier for acclimatization. I try to get the summit twice before the Race.

 6. What do you think about women in sky running?

Sky running is created for women! Women get acclimatization faster than men. What can be more beautiful than a running woman?

 7. What does inspire you in your life?

 Victory and success.

 8. How do you manage to combine training and work?

No way to combine it. Something must be sacrificed in the final result. Otherwise, failure will be there and there.

9. Sky running why do you need it ?

Just like it. I like to recognize that I become much stronger every year. Every running competition I want to do my best to improve my previous result. If I do it, it means that I reached my goal. In 15 years when it will be impossible to improve my results I will find something else.

 10. Will you win Vitaliy Shkel next year?

I will. You shouldn’t go to start as it is already lost. You should start your race as a winner!

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