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Nowadays, when there are hundreds of air companies it is easy to get to anywhere and Kyrgyzstan is not an exception. The most known airlines that fly to Bishkek are Turkish Airlines, Aeroflot Russian and China Southern. The best achievement our government is Visa cancellation for 44 countries. And simplified Visa process for 22 countries the citizens of which may get visa upon their arrival right at the airport of Kyrgyzstan.

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Hotel Accommodation

ITC Asia Moutains owns two very popular 3***hotels which are located not far from the center of Bishkek – the capital of Kyrgyzstan. Both of them have earned the reputation for accommodating tourists and businessmen. The hospitality of the staff and friendly spirit of the place will leave sweet memories of your travel. Cooks in the hotels always try to make the food granny-like, so you would feel like home sitting at the wooden table with the hot cup of coffee in your hand and home-made pies on the plate.

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Equipment Rent

We can offer equipment for rent as an extra service. For rent we provide: tents, ropes, gas burner, radio station, high altitude dishes, ice axes, snow shoes. We do not provide personal equipment for rent: shoes, sleeping bags, crampons, clothes, helmets, mattresses, hiking pools.

Equipment Rent


Our Guides

Oleg Turaev 

Oleg Turaev is a skilled and professional mountain guide. He is Master of Sports in alpinism. He has started climbing mountains since 1985. Oleg is a very interesting person. He is kind and patient with people. He always tries to achieve the aim and always looking for new adventures and impressions. Oleg Turaev is a professional mountain guide. He has finished the school of mountain guides (KMGA) of Swiss Mountain Guides Association. As a sportsman he always tries to be the first, but not alone; he tries to lead all his team for the best result. One of his achievements is participation in   “Raid Gauloises championship -2003″, climbing in Himalaya and peaks over 7000m.  Oleg is also a professional skier and heli ski guide. He is a friendly and open person.  

Nilolay Totmyanin 

There are more than two hundred ascents in his list of climbing. He started climbing when he was a student of Leningrad State University. First time when he got to the mountains was in 1982; and after five years he got the name of Master of Sports. He has a huge experience in climbing. Nikolay has been climbing in Caucasus, Pamir, Tien Shan, Himalayas and Alps. Among peaks that he climbed are: Jannu 7710, K2 (from the North), Eiger (North face), peak of Korjenevskaya, Everest (north face), Khan-Tengri, Pobeda, Communism peak and other well known summits. He got the Golden Ice axe and the name of the “Snow leopard” (six times).  There are no doubts in professional work of Nikolay. He is friendly, modest and polite with people. 

Sergey Filatov

Was born and grew up in a mountain region, so he enjoyed being in the mountains from his earliest years. It didn’t pass with the years. He is Masters of Sports of USSR in alpinism, 1988. He’s a man with a lot of experience of guide’s work and alpine instructor under his belt. In his record of services he has more than 40climbs at seventhousenders of ex USSR, first climbs of Communism peak and Pobeda peak, first winter climb of Communism peak. His climbing experience is: Central Tien-Shan (Khan-Tengri peak, Pobeda peak), Kun-Lun (China, Kongyr peak), Central Pamir (Communism peak, Korjnevskaya peak and etc), Zaalay ridge (Lenin peak), South-west Pamir (Marks peak, Engels peak and etc), Africa (Kilimanjaro peak), New Zealand (Mount-Kuk peak), South America (Aconcagua peak). Besides his passion to the mountains he likes: alpine skiing (free ride), diving, video filming and splicing, guitar.

Alexandr Agafonov

He has been doing climbing for really long time. He is a Master of Sports in USSR.  He was a member of Central Sport Club of Army, where he has done lots of his great ascents. Afterwards he has spent many years in Ala-Archa gorge, being an instructor and doing sport ascents with climbers of different level. All of this gave him great authority in alpine society. He helped disabled people to climb Mc Kinley Peak. He has climbed Lenin Peak with groups many times, including winter ascents. During the whole year Alexander has participants for ascents; young beginners and experienced climbers. He is opened person and it is easy to work with him. Alexander is a professional guide with great experience. You feel safe with him. He has a good sense of humor. He plays guitar his own melodies and sings his own songs. And during the expedition you have not just a professional guide but also a great singer and guitar player. Most his songs are about mountains, love and life.

Pavel Vorobiev

Pavel arrived in Kyrgyzstan as a tourist, but this mountainous country touched his soul and he could not leave it anymore. And so he changed Moscow vanity for this mountain region. Moreover Pavel is certified guide. At the moment he is technical director of the Association of mountain guides of Kyrgyzstan. He has done study course in a Suisse school of mountain guide. His professional career started in 2004. He supports three main principles in a guide work (priority-oriented): 1. Safety of clients 2. To give positive experience for clients 3. To reach the goal of climbing, travel. In Pavel’s opinion the most important point of the tactic plan of any climbing is “To come back alive and healthy!” He has following titles: Snow Leopard, badge of Rescue Team, alpine instructor. He has experience of rescue works at an altitude over 6900m. His track record includes following climbs: the Caucasus, Zaalay ridge, the Tien-Shan, the Pamirs, the Alps, Karakorum. He has successful climbs with clients at the Caucasus, the Pamirs, the Tien-Shan, including seventhousenders. Pavel likes to climb mountains as well as to ski down on skis/snowboard. So why he is also professional guide for heliski, skitouring, free-ride programs and backcountry camps. He is author of translation and adaptation in Russian language of the determination method of avalanche level danger and methods of risk’s decreasing. He guides avalanche courses and school of free-ride.


Artur Usmanov

Young and professional guide. Artur was born in a small town Karakol in Issyk Kul area. He started hiking with friends at school. Then he moved to Bishkek when he was 16. He entered Polytechnic Institute. At University he started athletics. During his studing at University Artur joined climbig club. Later he met up with Dmitry Pavlenko. Artur joined Dmitry’s school of Alpinism in 2007. Next year in 2008 Artur climbed Khan Tengri from the north. In 2009 Kommunism and Korzhenevskaya peaks. 2010 – Khan Tengri from the south and Pobeda peak. In 2011 – Lenin peak. Artur got the title of “Snow Leopard” and became the youngest “Snow Leopard” in the country. Very friendly, kind and patient person.

Andrey Erokhin

Was born October 10, 1984 in Frunze city (now Bishkek city) Kirghiz SSR (now the Republic of Kyrgyzstan). The main priorities for me in guiding is safety and success, this is why my favorite phrase is “Never climb with strangers” Qualifications: In the period 2008-2011 was trained at Mountain Guide School in Kyrgyzstan according to IFMGA-UIAGM standards. On results of training and passing exams qualification is appropriated. In 2008 he attended a course in first aid, as well as training in rescue and issued license number 262 Emergency Situations of Kyrgyzstan. Since the autumn of 2009, a member of the Association of Mountain Guides of  Kyrgyzstan KMGA. Instructor Methodist third category of mountaineering. Experience: From 2004 to the present, working with clients in the areas Terskey Ala-Too, Kyrgyz Ala-Too, Central Tien Shan, Pamir. During 2009-2010 – worked as a guide in the high-altitude camp ABS Lenin Peak (7134 m). He participated in six expeditions, as an expert in mountaineering. He worked as an instructor in mountaineering at international fees «New Ala-Archa»  In 2011, climbed the Pobeda peak. (7439m). Sporting achievements: Mountaineering level: TD D+ ED+ Sport climbing level: 7a-7b on sight, 7c-8b red point. Expertise: High-altitude and technical climbing, Instructional and Training Facilities, ski-tour, trekking, hiking, bike tour. Languages: English, Russian

Maksim Bogatyrev

Is a professional climber, guide and rescuer. He is a Master of Sports in sports hiking, a Master of Sports in mountain hiking, a Candidate on Masters of Sports(CMS) in alpinism, a CMS in orienteering, CMS in sport-tourist all around events, a president of Tourist-Sport Federation in Republic of Adigei and he is a very good person in whole. He likes to work with Asia Mountains, to guide groups to Lenin Peak, to Muztagh-Ata peak. And he likes Asia in tote. He has lots of interesting in his record of service, for example – Ascending with disabled people to Mak-Kinley Peak, winter ascend of Lenin Peak, guide work for the program of 7 summits, and finally – Everest.

Denis Urubko

Q-14 with out oxygen. “Snow Leopard”. The hardest winter climbs. Master of Sport of International level, instructor of III category. His partners are Simone Moro, Sergey Samoilov, Boris Dedeshko. To climb mountains with him is not just securely, but very very securely. Besides that he is talented alpinist, he is talented poet and bard. He wrote and published several books about his ascents and travels. He definitely has charisma. Many people think him to be legendary man. But in reality he is shy and friendly. Most of all he loves Mountains, Women and Italy.

Boris Dedeshko

Professional guide from Kazakhstan is working with us this season. This person has very important qualities: patience, reliability and trustworthy that is very important not in guide’s job but in everyday life too. Boris is one of the best guides, Professional Instructor, winner of the “Golden Ice Axe Asia” 2009. Most significant summits: 2007: peak of Semenov Tien Shanski in winter 5B; 2007: peak Khan Tengri (7010м), from the North 5B; 2008: peak of Free Korea, 5B; 2008: peak Korona, 5th tower, 6А; 2008: peak Makalu (8463м); 2008: peak of Free Korea, 6А; 2008: peak Bayankol, south-eastern ridge (first ascent) 5А; 2008: peak Khan Tengri (7010м), from the South 5А; 2008: peak Marble  Wall (6400м), classic route; 2008: peak Yoshkar Ola, in the middle of western wall (first ascent) 5А; 2009: peak of Semenov Tien Shanski in winter 5B; 2009: peak Cho Oyu (8201м), south-eastern wall, first ascent with D.Urubko; 2009: peak of Semenov Tien Shanski  5B; Expertise: high altitude and technical climbing

Why Choose Us

ITC Asia Mountains has been working in tourism over 10 years. Our managers make their best to answer all you questions in time and give all the information you need for your trip.
ITC Asia Mountains has its own travel operators based in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, China. So you may be confident of receiving help wherever needed.
Professional Guides
We work only with professional guides who have climbing experience over 7000m. The first priority of our guides is to get you to the Summit and back safe and sound.
Base Camps
Having our own Base Camp and Camp 1 in Achik Tash (Lenin Peak) makes climbers confident of everything being under control.
All of our operations and services are aiming to make you tour the best.
Apart from the main extreme programs we may offer you various tours around Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia.

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Team of “Asia Mountains” in the Base Camp

Evgeni Antipin – Head of the Base Camp


Sergei Kakovkin –  Base Camp helper


Larisa Mamasadykova – cook at the Base Camp


Marat Karimov – Head of office in Osh and Base Camps


Bahodir Hashimov – cook at Camp 1


Semen Dvornichenko – Head of Camp 1