If you would like to climb Lenin Peak and don’t know how to train. You can book one of our guides and get training consultations and personal contact with guide.


Lenin peak is known as an easy mountain because you can get to the summit without special climbing technique. But the altitude and cold temperature make it not so easy to climb. You should be strong and fit to make long hiking distances at the mountain. And you can ask one of our guides to help with training plan for you.


Don’t forget about alpinism technique and work with rope. You should train in crampons with ice axe. Lenin peak program includes 21 days from Bishkek to Bishkek or 20 days from Osh to Osh. This program has days of acclimatization and extra days for bad weather.


Accommodation at the Base Camp and Camp 1 is included. You will have a tent for 2 persons that has wooden decks and mattresses inside. Delicious food from our cooks. Friendly and hospitable team.

Book your guide and start preparations for Lenin Peak!