And now, we would like to tell you a little about those who reached the top of Lenin Peak with “Asia Mountains” this season 2014. There were 28 of them, including guides, from 125 people total.

Timur and his team, to be more precise, the Tyumen Regional Mountaineering Federation under the leadership of Timur Gainullin and Alexander Agafonov ascended Lenin Peak on July 19 by the quantity of 6 poeple: Gainullin Timur, Yablonskikh Olga, Buligin Maxim, Raspopin Vladimir, Voinov Ilya and Kravchenko Nikolai.

We assign the title of the “persistent climber” this season  to the young Swede Raymund Rohlfs. He reached the top from the fourth attempt and almost tortured his guide – Semyon Dvornichenko. But Semyon a tough nut to crack, after working with Raymond he took part in the race for the peak of Lenin and took second place, this year giving the first place to Vitaly Shkel.

Olavi Vaino – tour leader from Estonia brought his own team to Lenin Peak. The guys were frozen, but stubbornly went to the top, and so, out of sixteen participants five reached the Peak: Anu Peljo, Ene Soop, Lauri Ehrenpreis, Lauri Stern, Aivar Kolga. The guide working with them was Dmitry Batukhtin, for what he has a special thanks from us!

Gallant guys from DAV Summit group reached the top by the quantity of five, under the lead of Stephan – brutal man with cool dreadlocks and assistant guide Nabi Mamayusupov: Weineisen Henrik, Klement Richard, Kürschner Frank, Erhard Andre, Schanderl Stephan.

Brave and skillful Nikolai Gutnik worked with three guys from Germany. One of them (Tony Asch) under the leadership of Nikolai successfully ascended to the summit. Other two went down when it was just a little to the top.

The Spanish team of three made their journey to the top without a guide, one of them, Asier Zarate, reached the summit.

Three intrepid skiers from Moscow went up Lenin Peak with skis and a snowboard, and had experienced all the hardships of life in the mountains, bad weather, coldness, mountain sickness, and yet two of them (Stas Straupe and Anton Steblinkin) successfully reached the top and made it downhill skiing and snowboarding . Cool guys!

Alexander Goldfarb is a desperate climber! He wanted to go up to the top very much! Hard-nosed like a tank! Finally he did it! He promised to write a book, well, we are waiting for it!

Restless Oleg Turaev once again is going to the Lenin peak, this time with German team of 7 people and the second guide Andrei Shevtsov. Oleg came to the summit with the tour leader Iris, the iron lady, who was not the first time here. They lifted up the banner of peace and the capsule.

Also we would like to mention those who purposefully went to the summit of Razdelnaya. It’s a team of TRFA, they reached the top in a quantity of 12: Ekimov Egor, Balin Evgenii, Strigotsky Andrei, Takhautdinov Rinat, Elena Kotova, Golobokov Andrei, Yudaev Maxim, Tsibrovsky Dmitry, Gurkov Vitaly, Andrushchak Victor, Pushkaryova Elena and Balyko Ilya.

And again Oleg Turaev, without leaving from the Pamirs, goes to the next ascent to the peak Razdelnaya. Rubets Yana under his leadership reached the summit of Razdelnaya.

Reached Lenin peak 7134:

  1. Gainullin Timur
  2. Yablonskikh Olga
  3.  BuliginMaxim
  4.  RaspopinVladimir
  5.  VoinovIlya
  6.  KravchenkoNikolai
  7.  RaimundRolhfs
  8. Anu Peljo
  9. Ene Soop
  10. Lauri Ehrenpreis
  11. Lauri Stern
  12. Aivar Kolga
  13. AsierZarate
  14. Stanislav Straupe
  15. Anton Steblinkin
  16. Alex Goldfarb
  17. Iris Enzian
  18. Tony Asch
  19. Weineisen Henrik
  20. Klement Richard
  21. Kürschner Frank
  22. Erhard Andre
  23. Schanderl Stephan



  1. Oleg Turaev
  2. Semyon Dvornichenko
  3. Artur Usmanov
  4. Nikolai Gutnik
  5. Slava Sheiko

Razdelnaya peak  6148m:

  1. Ekimov Egor
  2.  Balin Evgenii
  3.  Strigotsky Andrei
  4.  Takhautdinov Rinat
  5.  Elena Kotova
  6.  Golobokov Andrei
  7.  Yudaev Maxim
  8.  Tsibrovsky Dmitry
  9.  Gurkov Vitaly
  10.  Andrushchak Victor
  11.  Pushkaryova Elena
  12. Balyko Ilya
  13. Rybets Yana


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