Last days in Bishkek are very warm. +7 during the day. And not so much snow around. But mountains are so close and we use any chance for skiing and active rest. Kyrgyz range is the nearest place from Bishkek. Just 40 km, it is about one hour of driving and you are in the mountains!



It is possible to get to the foot hill of the mountains by car. And you can start the way up under the slope. The way is not so steep from the beginning. The area for ski touring is so huge with different slopes. As higher you walk then there’s less and less snow. It was is usually blown away with the strong wind.



Even if there’s not enough snow you will have a good day with good company. It was easy to walk on this snow. It was not deep. From the highest point of our trip we could enjoy the magnificent view of winter Chui Valley. On the top we had short rest and lunch and after that we made our way down. It was not so easy because the snow conditions were different everywhere: hard snow, neve and also some soft snow.


After skiing we got to our car at 4pm and started our way back to Bishkek. We are waiting for the next weekend and finally fresh snow!


Pictures by Vasily Bezhnoi