Many interesting people come to Lenin Peak every year. Some of them are professional climbers and some people have just Elbrus as a high altitude experience. It is very interesting to communicate with sportsmen like runners or ironmen. What makes all of them to come to Lenin Peak? And today we talk with one of our climbers and he’s in loved with running and he has reached Lenin Peak this summer. He’s name is Sarus Zoltan from Hungary. Positive and amazing person!

Asia Mountains (AM): Where do you live now and what is the highest point there?

Sarus Zoltan (SZ): I live in Hungary and the highest point is 1016m (Kékes Tető)


AM: How long ago did you start your sports?

SZ: I started climbing 10 years ago. My training for the mountains is running at home.

AM: How many years have you been running?

SZ: I started running 4 years ago but after every expedition/hiking I stopped and started again for next year training. It means that I run about 3 months before an expedition. 02.01.2014 I started running to train for Elbrus and when I got home again did not stop it because now I like running. And for Peak Lenin I want to be in the best condition. In these time I finished some competition in running with very good results.


AM: Where do you prefer to run?

SZ: I prefer run on concrete. I have some routes arround my hometown with the distance 50 Kms. It depends on my spirit which way I start run.

AM: What is your experience in alpinism?

SZ: In the 10 years of climbing I reached lot of peaks with the altitude of 2000m, 3000m, 4000m, 5000m. Peak Lenin was my first which is higher than 7000m.


AM: Did you do some special training before the high altitude?

SZ: I don’t do any special training before high altitude. By running I have a very good stamina and condition. Before high altitude I always reach an altitude on my own and want to sleep as high as it possible.

AM: How long did it take you to be ready for 7000m peak?

SZ: For 7000m peak I started training 1,5 years ago but it just means that I did not stop my work after last expedition.


AM: What about acclimatization? Was it difficult? What camp was the most difficult for it?

SZ: Our plan for hiking was not hard. After an active day was a passive day. So when we reached a camp next day we just relaxed, ate and got used to the altitude. For me the most difficult was Camp 3. I have never been so high before and when we reached had to sleep there some hours. I had a bit headache but there was no problem with it. I knew that my body was working for that altitude. After summit we spent one more night there it was much better for sleeping.

AM: Can you compare marathon and your ascent to Lenin Peak? What is the difference?

SZ: When I start a marathon I always want to enjoy it. That is why I run so much just for fun. But of course there are many deadlocks as in marathon as in hiking. These are similar but with training You can be hard enough to overcome them easily. In high pace I can’t enjoy the whole running but it is a competition. I try to make my best. My ascent to Lenin Peak was in big storm. It was very cold and strong wind. So it was much harder than a marathon.

AM: What was the most difficult during the ascent?

SZ: For me the most difficult was the strong wind. When I stopped for a minute I started feeling cold so I continued walking. Because of the strong wind the wind chill was much colder. I couldn’t eat and drink. My tea was frozen.

11823062_863428357044785_229035295108963257_o Lenin peak 7134, bad weather

AM: What about the food? Appetite, snacks, water was it different from your running nutrition?

SZ: The foods were very delicious in both camps. I would like to say thank you for the staffs of the camps. Everything was perfect. I very enjoyed all dishes. Naturally it was different from my running nutrition or my nutrition at home. Other country other kitchen but I liked it. All I ate in that 3 weeks in Kyrgyzstan was very fine.

AM: It was rather good experience, will you try one more 7000m peak?

SZ: It was a good experience and I will try to climb all 7000m peaks to be snow Leopard. I would like to say thank You for Asia Mountains all for they work.


AM: What can you advice for runners that want to come to Lenin Peak?

SZ: RUN! Seriously run and run a lot and if you are ready try to climb it.


We want to thank Sarus for warm feedbacks about all our team and work. If you have a goal you should reached it! Never stop dreaming, training and exploring! 

All pictures from FB page of Saruz.

Evgenia Moiseenko, alpinism programs manager of Asia Mountains.