Dear friends, thanks for climbing with us in 2017!  Thanks for all your requests, e-mails and calls. Some of you couldn’t join us because of different reasons. Some climbers could reach the dream and got to Lenin peak 7134m!  It was not easy but you did it! Our team tried to organize the best support for you to help you to make your alpinist’s dream true! There were 138 climbers at the Base Camp of Lenin Peak + 26 trekking guests. 31 climber got to the summit. The season was safe without accidents. We would like to thank all our partners and friends for their trust.

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Lenin peak climbers 2017:

1) Nikolai Totmyanin (Russia)

2) Roeland van Oss (Netherlands)

3) Ruben Vlaander (Netherlands)

4) Alexandr Rodichev (Russia)

5) Andreas Wehner (Germany)

6) Rudiger Muller (Germany)

7) Ralph Holger Junge (Germany)

8) Daniel Markus Shon (Germany)

9) Fabian Yves Wenk (Switzerland)

10) Julian Werner Barnick (Germany)

11) Cheung Wai Yin (Great Britain)

12) Short Samuel William (Great Britain)

13) Orona Heber Alain (Spain)

14) Ivan Moshnikov (Russia)

15) Debbie Pitt (Great Britain)

16) Alexandr Chechulin (Kazakhstan)

17) Zare Agazaryan (USA)

18) Arlen Keshishian (USA)

19) Artashes Aramazd Mkrtchyan (Armenia)

20) Vladimir Bezzubov (Russia)

21) Diane Schmitt (France)

22) Anna Marie Bach (France)

23) Artur Usmanov (Kyrgyzstan)

24) Mikhail Mamuta (Russia)

25) Igor Belskih (Russia)

26) Sergey Kalmykov (Russia)

27) Estala Sukia Unai (Spain)

28) Alvarez Navarro Inaki (Spain)

29) Izaguirre Otegui Asier (Spain)

30) Arratibel Elicegui Benat (Spain)

31) Christina Saveskul (Russia)

32) Klaus Petzak (Germany)


There were 23 people that came to Muztagh Ata with us in 2017. Eight of them reached the summit.

Muztagh Ata climbers 2017:

1) Igor Bub (Germany)

2) Daniel Toader (Romania)

3) Benjamin Wienke (Germany)

4) Horst Oehl (Germany)

5) Johannes Hoch (Germany)

6) Oliver Körtge (Germany)

7) Robert Thalhammer (Germany)

8) Andreas Drechsler (Germany)


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Join us and hope to see you soon!