Dear friends! Thanks for chosing Asia Mountains Base Camp for your ascent to Lenin Peak 7134m!

122 climbers arrived to our Base Camp (+ our guides). We also had visitors of our base camp that arrived according to their travelling plans. Small and cozy  Asia Mountains Base Camp became home for them for some days that they spent in the mountains.

Our friendly team is glad to meet up all our guests at our base camp!

Best giudes work with us at Lenin peak. Our favoirite guide’s team (Most of them are KMGA/IFMGA guides)


small size

  • Andrey Erokhin (KMGA/IFMGA guide), snow leopard, successful ascent to the summit with client
  • Maksim Bogatyrev successful ascent to the summit with clients
  • Oleg Turaev (KMGA/IFMGA guide) successful ascent to the summit with client
  • Nikolai Totmyanin (snow leopard) successful ascent to the summit with client
  • Aleksandr Ilin (KMGA/IFMGA guide) successful ascent to the summit
  • Anna Ogloblina (winner of Lenin Race) successful ascent to Lenin Peak and Yukhin peak with clients
  • Sergey Seliverstov (snow leopard) ascent with client up to 6500m
  • Artur Usmanov (KMGA/IFMGA guide), snow leopard, successful ascent to the summit with clients
  • Nikolai Gutnik successful ascent to the summit with client
  • Konstantin Rassadin successful ascent to the summit with client
  • Rodion Makarov successful ascent to the summit with client
  • Maksim Cherkasov successful ascent to the summit with client
  • Aleksandr Moroz successful ascent to the summit with client
  • Semen Dvornichenko (project winter snow leopard)


cool guides


Full list of climbers that reached Lenin peak 7134 m with Asia Mountains in 2018


37 persons ascended Lenin peak:

  1. 1. Erich Schondorfer (Austria)
  2. 2. Andrei Erokhin (Kyrgyzstan)
  3. 3. Maksim Bogatyrev (Russia)
  4. 4. Sergey Kislyakov (Russia)
  5. 5. Andrei Stempkovskii (Russia)
  6. 6. Kari Rostad (Norway)
  7. 7. Hoeflinger Benedikt (Germany)
  8. 8. Hoeflinger Marinus (Germany)
  9. 9. Oleg Turaev (Kyrgyzstan)
  10. 10. Sven Kortmann (Germany)
  11. 11. Lukas Nierer (Germany)
  12. 12. Nikolai Totmyanin (Russia)
  13. 13. Aleksandr Dusheiko (Russia)
  14. 14. Aleksandr Ilin (Russia)
  15. 15. Serge Hardy (France)
  16. 16. Kirill Fronyuk (Russia)
  17. 17. Mikhail Skoblin (Russia)
  18. 18. Marina Skoblina (Russia)
  19. 19. Gregory Skoblin (Russia)
  20. 20. Nikolai Gutnik (Kyrgyzstan)
  21. 21. Andrei Anop (Belarus)
  22. 22. Andrei Kazakov (Russia)
  23. 23. Zeng Xiaoyun (China)
  24. 24. Yann Cagnina (France)
  25. 25. Rodion Makarov (Kyrgyzstan)
  26. 26. Brian Muller (USA)
  27. 27. Greg Dignam (Great Britain)
  28. 28. Aleksandr Moroz (Ukraine)
  29. 29. Denis Urubko
  30. 30. Berngard Maksim (Russia)
  31. 31. Gallizioli Matteo (Italia)
  32. 32. Metlyaev Aleksey (Russia)
  33. 33. Aleksandr Nazin (Russia)
  34. 34. Vladimir Ryazantsev (Russia)
  35. 35. Nazar Suleimanov (Russia)
  36. 36. Aleksandr Stolpovski (Russia)
  37.  37. Konstantin Stolpovski (Russia)


With great regret, we write about the loss of our good friend and employee of the first camp at 4200 Semen Dvornichenko. He got to the avalanche with Natalia Chionova on the way down from Camp III. This is a great loss for us. Semen was not just a good worker he was a very good friend and father. We will remember him as a kind and bright person. He loved mountains and mountains took him forever. We would like to thank all guys and partners that took part in rescue works.


This summer was not easy for us but we tried to do our best for your safe and comfortable staying in our Base Camp. And we hope that we did it!

According to your feed backs that we recieved after expeditions we will improve our service in both camps. So, what we plan to do for the next season.

Base Camp at 3600m

– New bigger tents with wooden decks

– New bigger kitchen yurts with heating

– New much comfortable toilet

– New comfortable open air area for rest and relaxation
First camp at 4200m

– New bigger tents with wooden decks

– Shower (may be sauna)

– New comfortable open air area for rest and relaxation


If you have some more wishes and commets, please share with us.

We will be glad to see you in Asia Mountains Base camp next year!




Pictures by our climbers and from personal FB page of S. Dvornichenko