Do you like alpinism and adventures? Do you dream about High Mountain? Are you ready to meet up face to face with clouds? Then try your first high altitude at Lenin Peak. You do not need technical climbing there. If you make your ascent with guide you have more chances to reach the summit successfully. Our professional guides will make personal acclimatization program and control the ascent.  When you choose Asia Mountains Base Camp you will get:

 ascent with professional mountain guide
  cozy Base Camp and Camp 1
  hot shower
  fresh drinking water
  limited quantity of people at the base camp
  comfortable tents with mattresses and wooden decks
  best cooks and delicious food
  kitchen yurt with heating
  mobile net and internet


Join collective groups to Lenin Peak with guide:

01.07-21.07.17 Artur Usmanov
14.07-02.08.17 Andrey Lukin
23.07-12.08.17 Andrey Korneev
11.08-31.08.17 Yaroslav Nikotin

Lenin collective group


Day 1. Arrival to “Manas” international airport (Bishkek). Flight to Osh. Arrival in Osh and accommodations in a guest house.
Day 2. Transfer from Osh to “Asia Mountains” base camp in Achik-Tash. Accommodation in twin tents (barrels).
Day 3. Acclimatization day. Includes a climb to the Petrovsky Peak (4830 m).
Day 4. Training day.
Day 5. Acclimatization climb to Camp1 (4200 m). Accommodation in twin tents.
Day 6. Acclimatization climb to Camp2 (5300 m).
Day 7. Acclimatization climb to Razdelnaya summit (6100 m), and terurn to Camp2.
Day 8. Return to Camp1.
Day 9. Returning to Base Camp. We recommend going back to Base Camp after acclimatization climbs. The Base Camp is situated at an altitude where the human body may get the best recreation and acclimatization, which will, in turn, increase the chances for a successful ascent.
Day 10. Day-off.
Day 11. Climb to Camp1.
Day 12. Climb to Camp2.
Day 13. Climb to Camp3.
Day 14. Climb of the summit (7134 m). Return to Camp3.
Day 15. Reserve day.
Day 16. Descent to Camp1.
Day 17. Descent to BC.
Day 18. Additional day in case of bad weather conditions.
Day 19. Transfer to Osh city. Accommodation in a guest house.
Day 20. Flight to Bishkek. Transfer to “Asia Mountains” hotel. There is a farewell dinner, dedicated to the ending of expedition or successful ascend.
Day 21. Departure.


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