We are glad to introduce you our guides that work at Lenin peak this season. It is possible to join any group. Dates are written below.

We work just with  professional guides with high altitude experience 7000m+

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Oleg Turaev: 01-20.07.17


Master of sports of alpinism.

He has started mountains from 1985. Oleg has finished guide’s school (KMGA). He is professional mountain and heli ski guide with huge experience of ascents.

He is a very patient and kind person. Strong and brave.  Safety during the ascent is the major priority.


 Vitalii Lazo: 


Head of international and Russian sports and mountain climbing expeditions.

Vitalii is a “Snow Leopard” #610. He also does skiing and ski alpinism.

Recent expeditions:

-2014, peak Pobeda, 7439 m.  Leader of the expedition. Descent on skis from 5800m.

-2014, peak Lenin, 7134 m. Leader of the expedition by classic route up to 6600m. Descent on skis.

-2013, peak Pobeda, 7439m. Leader of the expedition by classic route up to 6900m. Summit was not reached because of bad weather.

-2013, peak Khan Tengri, 7010m.  Solo ascent – 5А.

-2012, peak Kommunizma, 7439m. Leader of the expedition – 5А.

-2012, peak Korjenevskoi, 7105m. Leader of the expedition 5А.

-2012, peak Lenin, 7134m. Leader of the expedition by classic route 5А.

-2011 , peak McKinley, 6182m. Leader of the expedition by  route “West Rib” up to 5400m.

-2011, peak McKinley, 6168m. Leader of the expedition by  route “West Bartress”.

-2010, peak Aconcagua, 6962m. Leader of the expedition by classic route “.

-2009, peak Annapurna Southern. Trying path finding. Summit was not reached because of bad weather.


Andrey Lukin: 01-20.07.17

Andrey small

Ascents: in the Caucasus, in Khibiny, in the Alps, in the Crimea, in the Pamirs, Tien Shan;

High-altitude climbing: Lenin Peak, Korzhenevskoy, Khan Tengri, Peak Pobeda,

Sports results: Russian Championship 1997 (altitude-TECHNICAL class) – I place. Bhagiratha (6856 m) (Garvalskie Himalayas)


Alexandr Ilyin: 



Alexandr  has been in sports tourism more then 14 years and 10 years alpinism and climbing.

Ascents in Altai, Caucasus, Crimea,  Pamir, Tien Shan. Trekking in the Polar Urals, in Altai, in the Himalayas and  in Marocco.

He worked at ski touring programs in the Caucasus, the Kola Peninsula. He worked with the Children’s Extreme Project as a guide, during the winter ascent of Elbrus (2005). Attempt to Lenin Peak in summer 2006.

He works as a guide on Elbrus. Also works as a guide on Kazbek and Beluha.


Artur Usmanov: 01-20.07.17


Young and professional guide. Artur was born in a small town Karakol in Issyk Kul area. He started hiking with friends at school.

Then he moved to Bishkek when he was 16. He entered Polytechnic Institute. At University he started athletics. During his studing at University Artur joined climbig club.

Later he met up with Dmitry Pavlenko. Artur joined Dmitry’s school of Alpinism in 2007. Next year in 2008 Artur climbed Khan Tengri from the north.

In 2009 Kommunism and Korzhenevskaya peaks. 2010 – Khan Tengri from the south and Pobeda peak. In 2011 – Lenin peak.

Artur got the title of “Snow Leopard” and became the youngest “Snow Leopard” in the country. Very friendly, kind and patient person.


Gregory Kochetkov: 


He has finished school of mountain guides KMGA in 2013.

He finished school of ski instructors and Avalanche course of Russian Association of Mountain Guides. in 2014. Master of sports since 2006.

Ascents in Caucasus, Pamir, Tien Shan.

Peaks:  Khan Tengri, Lenin, Troll Wall (Norway), El Capitan (Yosemite), Peak Power, Asan Peak 4810, Bodkhona, Parandas, Zamin-Karor

Ascents and trekking: Nepal – track around Manaslu, climbing Meru Peak, Kalapatar, trekking to Everest Base Camp, trekking in the valley, and the pass Gokio Cho La. Alps:  Mont Blanc, Gran Paradiso, Kyrgyzstan: Ala Archa, Khan Tengri, Lenin trekking around Lake Issyk-Kul, climbing Kazbek Georgia, Ararat.


Yaroslav Nikotin: 


2010 – 2013 School of mountain guides KMGA. Ski instructor.


2012 Lenin Peak solo. And second time with clients.

2013 Mammut peak project (150 years ann.) Terskey Mountains,  (4250m)

Lenin peak twice during the summer.

Expedition  «Virgin Peaks» At Bashi range

2014 Expedition «Virgin Peaks» Western Terskey Ala Too

Technical climbing 4A-5 A

Trekking and ski touring all over Kyrgyzstan.


Nikolai Totmyanin: 01-20.07.17


There are more than two hundred ascents in his list of climbing. He started climbing when he was a student of Leningrad State University.

First time when he got to the mountains was in 1982; and after five years he got the name of Master of Sports. He has a huge experience in climbing.

Nikolay has been climbing in Caucasus, Pamir, Tien Shan, Himalayas and Alps. Among peaks that he climbed are: Jannu 7710, K2 (from the North), Eiger (North face), peak of Korjenevskaya, Everest (north face), Khan-Tengri, Pobeda,

Communism peak and other well known summits. He got the Golden Ice axe and the name of the “Snow leopard” (six times).  There are no doubts in professional work of Nikolay. He is friendly, modest and polite with people.


Andrey Erokhin.

Ерохин Андрей

The main priorities for me in guiding is safety and success, this is why my favorite phrase is “Never climb with strangers” Qualifications: In the period 2008-2011 was trained at Mountain Guide School in Kyrgyzstan.

On results of training and passing exams qualification is appropriated. In 2008 he attended a course in first aid, as well as training in rescue and issued license number 262 Emergency Situations of Kyrgyzstan.

Since the autumn of 2009, a member of the Association of Mountain Guides of  Kyrgyzstan KMGA. Instructor Methodist third category of mountaineering.

Experience: From 2004 to the present, working with clients in the areas Terskey Ala-Too, Kyrgyz Ala-Too, Central Tien Shan, Pamir.

During 2009-2010 – worked as a guide in the high-altitude camp ABS Lenin Peak (7134 m). He participated in six expeditions, as an expert in mountaineering.

He worked as an instructor in mountaineering at international fees «New Ala-Archa»  In 2011, climbed the Pobeda peak. (7439m).

Sporting achievements: Mountaineering level: TD D+ ED+ Sport climbing level: 7a-7b on sight, 7c-8b red point. Expertise: High-altitude and technical climbing,

Instructional and Training Facilities, ski-tour, trekking, hiking, bike tours.


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