Our small and cozy camp under Lenin Peak “Asia Mountains” opened its doors on July 1 to August 31. The friendly team of the Base Camp and Camp 1 took care of alpinists from all over the world: Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Germany, Romania, Austria, England, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, France, UAE, USA and other countries.


This season we spent with out accidents. Guys from our team worked very fast. If somebody needed help because of altitude sickness our gyus arrived immidiatly to help the person. Head of our Camp 1 at 4200 is Semen Dvornichenko (winner of Lenin Race) his helper is Sergey Seliverstov (master of sports, “snow leopard”).  Because of  professionalism and experience of our team we could avoid of accidents. They gave good advices of the ascent plan and helped with taktics.


Many climbers have noted that camps of “Asia Mountains” are small and cozy, comparing with neighboring companies. No “crush” and queues. There is always place in the kitchen yurt for the soul “gatherings”. The staff pays attention to each client. Employees of both camps  are always ready to help. Especially spoke well of our chefs, varied and tasty menu. Visitors of our camp left a lot of good feedbacks.


Best guides worked with us: Denis Urubko, Nikolay Totmyanin, Oleg Turaev, Artur Usmanov, Pavel Vorobiev, Andrey Lukin, Boris Dedeshko,  Andrey Erokhin, Yaroslav Nikotin, Vladimir Nepokrytov.

We were so glad that famous climbers and teams could visit our Base Camp in summer: Denis Urubko, Welicki Krzysztof and his wife Katarzyna, Russian out door team “Tramontana”, out door club “Open Winds” and others.


We woould like to thank everyone who has chosen our camp and came to try Lenin Peak.

Congrats for those who reached the Summit!!! We will do our best for the next season to become better than this year! Lenin peak 2017 is waiting for you!

Lenin peak 2016:

1) Vitaly Laso (Russia)
2) Alexey Bykov (Russia)
3) Maria Bozhko with guide Totmyanin N. (Russia)
4) Pavel Bozhko with guide Totmyanin N. (Russia)
5) Mikhail Tyvin with guide Totmyanin N. (Russia)
6) Rudolf Derkos (Russia)
7) Alexey Poletaev (Russia)
8) Andreas Henschel with guide Artur Usmanov (Germany)
9) Rashid Gadzhiyusupov (with guide Gregory Kochetkov) (Russia)
10) Konstantin Smirnov (Russia)
11) Gregory Kisunko (with guide Andrey Erokhin) (USA)
12) Natalia Morozova (Russia)
13) Elena Shubnaya (with guide Boris Dedeshko)  (Russia)
14)  Boris Pavlikov Tramontana team  (Russia)
15) / Alexandr Artemenko Tramontana team  (Russia)
16) Denis Lipatov Tramontana team  (Russia)
17) Larisa Savchenko Tramontana team  (Russia)
18) Anton Kravchenko  (Russia)
19) Denis Urubko  (Russia)
20) Dmitry Ivanov (with guide Pavel Vorobiev)  (Russia)
21) Semen Dvornichenko (head of C1) (Kyrgyzstan)
22) Sergey Seliversov (C1 worker) (Kyrgyzstan)
23) Nikolay Totmyanin (guide Russia)
24)  Artur Usmanov (guide Kygryzstan)
25) Andrey Erokhin (guide Kygryzstan)
26)  Pavel Vorobiev (guide Kygryzstan)
27)  Boris Dedeshko (guide Kazakhstan)
28) Gregory Kochetkov (guide Russia)

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