January 2017. Two expeditions to peak Khan Tengri (7010m). Four guys from Kyrgyzstan and Russia started their expedition from Bishkek. It was a long way first by car and then on foot.

1) Sergey Seliverstov (Kyrgyzstan)
2) Semen Dvornichenko (Kyrgyzstan)
3) Mikhail Danichkin (Kyrgyzstan)
4) Alexey Usatyh (Russia)

On January 26th  all four members have made a successful ascent to Khan Tengri peak. It was extremely cold and windy. Last winter guys have made also a successful ascent to Lenin peak 7134m.


One week later one more expedition with Denis Urubko started from Bishkek. There were also four members in their team. On January 29th Denis reached the summit alone at 12.30pm.

Both teams are at the Base Camp and ready to start their way down. We will meet up soon in the city.

khan tengri