During the winter holidays the weather makes us really happy with its sunny days. Real frosts haven’t come yet, not so much snow and the weather is stable. If you came to Kyrgyzstan in winter you have so many things to do here! Of course it depends on your free time, plans and skills. If you have just Saturday and Sunday for rest it is possible to do something interesting. If you are an office worker and your life is far from extreme; you can spend your day off at skating ring. In Bishkek you can find several skating rings, you can do skating also in the mountains. Every place has skates for rent. In the city skating rings are under the roof. Those that are at the country side or in the mountains are situated at the open air.

Another option is hiking in the nearest gorgers. It is possible to do hiking in any gorge. Not a difficult hike is in Alamedin Valley. Your walk will be finished with picturesque view of the frozen waterfall. It will take you about two hours one way. The road from the city will take about 1 hour. Alamedin Valley or another name of it is “Hot Springs” is a resort that was founded during the Soviet Period. Today the resort is popular among local people for picnics and walks. For hiking in winter period you should have suitable shoes.



If you want to clean your karma and recharge with positive energy; then you need to drive to Issyk Ata gorge, and get to the Buddha carved on the stone. You will start your hike from the height of 1240m. You can walk to the waterfall on the left side of the river. Issyk Ata is a resort built in the Soviet Period, but still very popular. Road from the city takes about 1.5 – 2 hours. If you are in good physical shape and you have suitable shoes, then you can take a long walk along the right bank of the river and get back by the left side of the river. Distance is about 17 km. The hike will take you about 5 hours with a picnic on the way, visiting the frozen waterfall and the Buddha. Maximum height is 2428m.


You may also get to the National Park Ala-Archa. It is situated only 40 km from the city. It will take you about an hour to get there. There are several options for winter walks. If you are not a “walker in the mountains”, then you can walk near the camp. The tour starts with a height of 2200m. You can walk and watch open views of the snow-white peaks above 4 thousand meters, tall fir-trees and you can freely breathe the fresh mountain air.

If you are fit and strong; and you have suitable footwear, then you can walk to Ak Sai waterfall. Average altitude of the waterfall is 2700m. The walk to the frozen waterfall and back will take you about 3 hours. Ak Sai waterfall is popular for ice climbing during the winter. On the way there is a river Sharkaratma; its cascades are also popular among ice climbers. If to hike higher it is possible to meet up with people that stay at Ratseka mountain hut (3500m) for winter alpinism programs and try their skills before big mountains like Lenin peak. If you want to know how it will be there in summer try Ala Archa in winter with overnight in the tent. Crazy alpinist’s world!

You can walk to the Memorial of climbers on the way to Adygene valley in Ala Archa gorge. And one more option is a hike to Upper Ala Archa valley to the foot hill of peak Ala Archa.

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For a day trip, you can go on a horseback riding tour. If the weather is fine and it is not so cold. On this trip, you can meet with the local people, their way of life and try their national cuisine. You will ride among fir-trees and enjoy a wonderful view of nature.

If you have the skills of skiing, you need to certainly go to the ski base, and there are many of them not far from Bishkek. Nearest ski resorts are just an hour drive from the city. It is possible to take the equipment for rent in the city or at the ski base. Here you will pick up the appropriate boots, skis or snow board. At any ski resort you can take a trainer, if you first decided to try skiing. Try our winter offer here.


If you have much time, you can go to Lake Issyk Kul. Issyk Kul is picturesque any time of the year. The lake is surrounded by two massive mountain ranges. During the winter time you may see swans, ducks, flamingos on the lake. From here you can directly go to the ski resort in Karakol. If you are not inspired with ski trails and ski lifts; then pack your backpacks and go ski touring. There are many suitable places for ski tour in Kyrgyzstan. For the most extreme and fearless we can offer heli-ski programs, winter climbing and ice climbing tours.


Other places to visit in Bishkek you may find here.