Who needs Kyrgyz visa?

According to Kyrgyz Republic legislation, citizens who need Kyrgyz visa in order to come to Kyrgyzstan have to have valid Passport and visa with them. Visa can be obtained at Kyrgyz embassies abroad (if there’s no Kyrgyz embassy and Kyrgyz Republic representative office, you may get visa in Kazakh embassy or at the consular section of Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the airport in Bishkek upon arrival).

One may not get Kyrgyz visa at the customs crossing the border by foot or by auto-transport.

–       Tourist visa is given to the citizens coming to the country with the aim of travel. Tourist visas can be of single or double type up to 3 months.

–       There is also a group kind of visa made for the organized tours in Kyrgyzstan for tourist groups. Mandatory condition for this visa is the simultaneous border cross by all visa members at the entry and the exit of Kyrgyz Republic and also their joint movement along Kyrgyz territory in a group membership.

–       If a foreigner doesn’t have a right for visa-free country cross then transient visa is given to him/her if he/she has all the documents such as valid visa,  travel documents and other papers proving his right of third country visit.

–       For the people that have lost their passport or other document on the territory of Kyrgyzstan the exit visa is given to him/her giving the right to cross Kyrgyz border. The exit visa is also given to the people that have to be excluded from the territory of Kyrgyz Republic – according to Kyrgyz courts’ act of foreigner exclusion. Visa of this kind is given only for country exit.

–       Visa support is provided if there is no Kyrgyz embassy in the country of living. The citizens of such countries may get visa at the embassy of Kazakhstan. (For example Spain, France, Israel and other).

Visa support is also provided for the citizens the countries of which are not included in the lists:

  1. List of the countries for the citizens of which there is a simplified visa process (visa is obtained by the oral statement).
  2. List of countries for the citizens of which there is a unilateral vise-free regime for the period of 60 days.

The lists are given below. 


The information needed for visa obtainment:

–       Your passport data

–       Strict dates of your being in our country

–       Flight number (if you want to get visa at the Bishkek “Manas”airport upon arrival)

The information should be sent not less than 15days prior to your arrival.


List of countries for citizens of which having all kinds of passports there is a visa-free regime in Kyrgyzstan:

1. Under the agreement of the member states of the Eurasian Economic Community (year 2000).
1. Belarus

2. Kazakhstan

3. The Russian Federation

4. Tajikistan

2. Under the bilateral agreement between the former USSR and these countries
1. Vietnam

2. China

3. Cuba 

3. Under the bilateral agreement between Kyrgyzstan and these countries
1. Malaysia (up to 90 days)

2. Turkey (up to 90 days)

3. Ukraine (up to 90 days)

4. Uzbekistan (up to 60 days)

5. Mongolia (up to 90 days)

4. Under the agreement of the CIS (year1992) “About visa-free movement of citizens of the CIS countries in CIS”
1. Azerbaijan

2. Armenia

3. Georgia

4. Moldova

5. In accordance with the government acts # 735 from 31.12.1999 and # 262 from 04.06.2001 for the citizens ofJapan there is a visa-free entrance into Kyrgyzstan unilaterally in perpetuity.


List of countries for citizens of which there is unilateral visa-free regime in Kyrgyzstan up to 60 days from 14.07.2012:

Visa-free regime for these countries acts until 31.12.2020

1. Australian union

2. The Republic of Austria

3. Kingdom of Belgium

4. Bosnia and Herzegovina

5. Vatican

6. U.K.

7. Hungary

8. The Federal Republic of Germany

9. Kingdom of the Netherlands

10. Hellenic Republic

11. The Kingdom of Denmark

12. Iceland

13. Ireland

14. Kingdom of Spain

15. The Italian Republic

16. Canada

17. Republic of Korea

18. State of Kuwait

19. The Republic of Latvia

20. The Republic of Lithuania

21. Knyazhestvo Liechtenstein

22. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

23. The Republic of Malta

24. The Principality of Monaco

25. New Zealand

26. The Kingdom of Norway

27. United Arab Emirates

28. The Republic of Poland

29. Portuguese Republic

30. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

31. The Republic of Singapore

32. The Slovak Republic

33. The Republic of Slovenia

34. United States of America

35. The Republic of Finland

36. The French Republic

37. The Republic of Croatia

38. The Czech Republic

39. The Swiss Confederation

40. Kingdom of Sweden

41. Republic of Estonia

42. The State of Qatar

43. State of Brunei Darussalam

44. Kingdom of Bahrain


List of countries for the citizens of which in accordance with the government acts # 87 from 07.02.2009, # 125 from 12.07.2010 and 405 from 25.07.2011 there is a simplified visa process. They may get visa at Kyrgyz embassy or at the Consulate department at the Bishkek “Manas” airport by the oral statement.

1. Andorra

2. Argentina

3. Bulgaria

4. Brazil

5. Vietnam

6. Albania

7. Chile

8. The Sultanate of Oman

9. Israel

10. Cyprus

11. Macedonia

12. Indonesia

13. Mexico

14. Romania

15. San Marino

16. Serbia

17. Venezuela

18. Turkey

19. Thailand

20. Philippines

21. Montenegro

22. South Africa

Kyrgyz Embassy in Russia

119017, Moscow, Bolshaya Ordynka st.,64, code:00-7-499, tel.: 237-48-82, fax: 951-60-62

E-mail: info@kyrgyzembassy.ru



Kyrgyz Embassy in Ukraine

252901, Kiev, Malo-kitaevskaya st., 48а,

code: 00-380-44, tel/fax.: 524-09-24;

E-mail: embassy.kg.kiev@silvercom.net


Kyrgyz Embassy in Belarus Republic

220002, Minsk, Starovilenskaya st., 57,

code: 00-375-17; tel.: 334-91-17; fax: 334-16-02

e-mail: manas@nsys.by



Kyrgyz Embassy in Turkmenistan

744000 Ashgabat, Garashsyzlyk st., 17,

code: 00-993-12; tel.: 48-22-95; fax: 48-22-94

e-mail: kg@online.tm



Kyrgyz Embassy in Tadjikistan Republic

Dushanbe, Soid-Nosir st., 56 а, tel/fax: (00-992-37)  224-26-11, (00-992-41100-00-56

e-mail: info@kgembassy.tj



Kyrgyz Embassy in Uzbekistan

700 000, Tashkent, H. Samatovoi st., 30,

code: 00-998-71; tel: 237-47-94,  fax: 120-72-94

e-mail: erkindik@sarkor.uz


Kyrgyz Embassy in Kazakhstan

Astana, Diplomatic town, В-5,

code:00-7-7172, tel.:24-20-24, fax: 24-24-14

e-mail: kr@mail.online.kz


General Consulate of KR in Kazakhstan

Almaty, 480012, Luganskaya st., 30″А”

code: 00-7-7272 tel.: 64-22-12, 91-66-10 fax: 64-22-11

e-mail: almaty@consulkg.kz



Kyrgyz Embassy in Islamic Republic of Iran 

PO code: 195 793 5611, bldg. 12, 5th Naranjestan Alley, Pasdaran street, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran,

код:00- 98-21, тел.: 228-303-54, факс: 222-817-20

e-mail: krembiri@mydatak.com

Consulate in Mesghed town: код: ++98-511, тел.: 604-03-64


General Consulate of KR in Russia

620094, Ekaterinburg, Bolshakova st., 105

code: 007-343, tel.: 257-76-14, fax: 257-76-14

e-mail: kgzgencon@mail.ru



Vice-Consulate of KR in Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk, Krasnyi prospekt st., №220, building 10, room 503 code: 383, tel.: 210-66-24


Kyrgyz Embassy in Chinese Nation Republic

H 10/11 King’s Villas №18, Xiauyun Road, Beijin 100016, China

code: 00-86-10, tel: 6532-6459, fax:  6468-1291

e-mail: tianshan@kyrgyzstan.link263.com



Kyrgyz Embassy in Kingdon of Saudi Arabia

Er-Riad t., region of King-Fahad ,

Muhammed Hamid Al Fikki st., 32.

post code 75871 – Er-Riad.

tel: 00-966-1-229-327300-966-1-229-3272

fax: 00-966-1-229-3274

e-mail: info@kyrgyzembarabia.kg



Kyrgyz Embassy in India

India, New-Deli-110021, C-93, Anand Niketan

code: 00-91-11 tel: 2411-80-08, 2411-19-03, fax: 2411-80-09

e-mail: delhi@kgzembind.in



Kyrgyz Embassy in Great Britain and North Ireland

Great Britain, London W1U 6BJ, Ascot house 119, Krauford st.

fax: 00-44-20 7935-7449, tel: 00-44-20 7935-1462

e-mail: mail@kyrgyz-embassy.org.uk



Kyrgyz Embassy in Malaysia

Malaysia, Kula Lumpur 50400, 10th floor, Wisma Sin Heap Lee, 346 Jalan Tun Razak, code: 00-60-3, tel.: 2163-2012,  fax: 2163-2024

e-mail:  embassy@kyrgyzembassy.org.my



Kyrgyz Embassy in Japan

153-0064 Japan, Tokio, Meguro-Ku, Shimomeguro 5-chome, 6-16

Tel. 0081-3-3719-0828

Fax. 0081-3-3719-0868

e-mail: office@kyrgyzemb.jp



Kyrgyz Embassy in USA and Canada

Massachusetts ave. 2360, District of Coulmbia, USA, Post code 20008, tel.: 001-202 449-92-22,

001-202 449-9223;

fax:001-202 386-8570

e-mail: kgembassyusa@gmail.com



Kyrgyz Embassy in Switzerland, Permanent Mission at UN and  other international organizations in Geneva

Rue du Lac 4-6, 1207 Geneve, Confederation Suisse,

code:00- 41-22, тел: 707-92-20;

fax: 00-41-22 707-92-21

e-mail: kyrgyzmission@bluewin.ch

web: www.kyrgyzmission.net


Permanent Mission at UN and  other international organizations in New-York

866 The United Nations Plaza, Suite 477, New-York,

N.Y. 10017, code: 00-1-212, tel.: 486-42-14 fax: 486-52-59

e-mail: kyrgyzstan@un.int



Kyrgyz Embassy in Kingdom of Belgium

47, rue de l`Abbaye/Abdijstraat 1050, Bruxelles/Brussel,

Royaume de Belgique,

code: 00-32-2, tel.: 640-18-68, fax: 640-01-31

e-mail: kyrgyz.embassy@skynet.be



Kyrgyz Embassy in Austria

Invalidenstr. 3/8, 1030 Vienna

code: 00-431, tel: 535-03-79, fax: 535-03-79-13

e-mail: kyremb@inode.at


Kyrgyz Embassy in Germany

Otto-Suhr-Allee 146, 10585 Berlin

code: 00-49-30, tel.: 347-81-338, fax: 347-81-362 (337),

e-mail: info@botschaft-kirgisien.de



Kyrgyz Embassy in Turkey

Turan Gunes Bulvari 571, Caddesi No. 21,Yildiz/Oran-Ankara 06450

code: 00-90-312, tel.: 491-35-06491-35-07 fax: 491-35-13

e-mail: info@kgembassy.org.tr www.kgembassy.org.tr


General Consulate in Turkey

Lamartin caddesi, #7, Taksim, Istanbul – Turkey,

code:00- 90- 212, tel.: 235-67-67, fax: 235-92-93

e-mail: genkon@tr.net


General Consulate in UAE

Dubai, Deira, Port Saeed, Mohd. Saeed Harib Bldg, Suit № 204

Tel.: 00-971-4 236-44-53,

fax: 00-971-4 236-44-05

e-mail: kyrgyzcons-uae@mail.ru



Kyrgyz Embassy in Islamic Republic of Pakistan

House №163, Str.36, Sector F-10/1, 44000 Islamabad

Tel.: 00-92-51 221-21-96,

fax: 00-92-51 221-21-69

e-mail: kyrgyzembassy@dsl.net.pk



Consulate department of Kyrgyz Embassy in Islamic Republic of Pakistan

15/1, Main Khayaban-e-Ghazi, Phase-V,

Dafence Officers, Housing Authority Karachi-Pakistan

code: 00-9221, tel: 537-44-47, fax: 537-44-48


Visa department MFA in China

830063, КНР, г. Urumqi, North Hetan Road № 58

tel.: 00-86-991 518-99-80,

fax: 00-86-991 518-99-85

e-mail: vskr-urumchi@mail.ru


Kyrgyz Embassy in Korea

Namsong B/D 403 Itaewon dong, 260-199, Yougsan-gu Seoul, Republic of Korea 140-22

code:00-82-2, тел.: 379-09-51,

fax: 379-09-53

e-mail: seoulembassykg@gmail.com