Geography – is one of the most interesting sciences. People have been traveling and exploring our land up and down for thousands of years. Some people prefer to learn Geography by stamps in their passports. People are ready to travel to different sides of the world: to the south for the sun, to the beach for a tan, Lenin Peak for the next height, to the north to observe the life of polar bears, to the mountains for the snow powder for extreme skiing. What are we talking about? Today we remember the famous German geographer Karl Ritter.

“Geography – is a kind of physiology and anatomy of the Earth. Rivers, mountains and glaciers are internal organs and each of them has its own function.

Physical and geographical base is the basis of the development of society. And this base determines the course of the life of society and the individual.” Karl Ritter.

Today is a memory day of the famous German geographer and founder of the modern science of geography. Mountain ridge in Nyanshane (mountain range in China), that was explored by N.M Przewalski is named after the German geographer Ritter. The name Nyanshane means “southern mountains”.

Welcome to visit mountains in Kyrgyzstan.

caravan flower mountain