You have decided to start alpinism and climbing? You should know that climbing is a quite dangerous sport. You will spend much of your personal time for training. Because in the mountains it won’t be important to know what reasons you had to miss your trainings. Your laziness may cost you a life.

In the mountains you will feel what high altitude hypoxia is. Every one has his own stability threshold of hypoxia. Even if your therapist will say that you have perfect health, nobody can guarantee that you will feel yourself good at the high altitude and get to the summit.

First of all you need to pass a special examination in the medical and sports clinic. You need to know the behavior of your organism in the mountains. What kind of difficulties can be caused by high altitude. It is better to know about it in the city than on the route far away from the hospital. It will let you know about your body’s behavior during the increase of physical activity and predict the approach of dangerous conditions.

What is the main thing for the alpinist? – exercise tolerance. So, if you do not have years of jogging on the middle distance or cross-country skiing, be ready for a very difficult start.

It is better to start with motivation. You need to define your aim clearly. Without the aim exhausting yourself will not bring any result. And without exhausting trainings it is difficult to make your dream real. First of all your goal shouldn’t be empyreal, it should be real and concrete for the next summer.

When you have defined your goal for the next summer now you may go to the shop and buy sneakers. Because now you will start running, as it is very useful for your cardiovascular system. Why running is more useful than bike riding? Because there are no periods of relaxation. Swimming will improve lungs function. Better than running is cross-country skiing but it is not as accessible as running.
It is better to start with 5km run. If you live in the city you may find a park for it. Your training is not a morning exercise, you should work hard. Improve your result all the time. That is why it is better to run in the evening. It will be a good training not just for your body but also for your will after hard working day. You should start with very light running, maximum 2 km (4.50 min/1 km). You should endure the pain of muscles; it is better to take short rest (1-2 days). It is useful to have diary for trainings, where you should write down distance, time, pulse after running and your day pulse when you seat and stay calm. Also it is necessary to write down reasons of bad luck in trainings: diseases, bad weather conditions. Statistics is quite necessary when you do not have personal coach. You may increase distance gradually; 6-10 km of running will be enough. It is not necessary to run long distances at the stadium or in the park; only if you have hills or mountains where you can run for 15km. When you just start your running program chronometry is not important; you should run as fasts as you feel ok. But later you should run as fast as possible and do your best, watch your best time. You should increase loads from the beginning to the end of the week. If you do not have earlier experience in sports you need to gain at least a minimum level of tolerance.

Number of crosses is minimum 3 during the week. If you run at the stadium or in the park you should run 1 km in 4 minutes, uphill running 1km in 4.15-4.30 min. Usually 3-4 month run is enough before going to the mountains. And during the whole year light trainings are enough just to keep fit.

Breathing is the best indicator of physical activity; you can define the level of tension. During running you should breathe with your nose before exertion of dyspnoea.

And of course vitamins are very important. Your organism doesn’t get enough vitamins during eating, especially when you start to train hard. Which vitamin complex is better for you, you should find out at your doctor’s.

*Article was written by materials of D.Pavlenko (Master of Sports, twice winner of Piolet d’Or)