One of the main dangers at the high altitude is frostbite fingers. Alpinists should know about it and be very careful. Try to avoid supercooling on the way. You should have right clothes and shoes according the weather conditions. You should be ready for difficulties on the way and have enough power to finish the way on time.

khan tengri Khan Tengri 7010m


We will not talk here about anatomy on human’s body but you should know that blood badly circulate though the body at the high altitude. And it takes more time to get to extremities. For poor circulation should be also added fatigue and dehydration. Even if you have best equipment in the world your fingers can get  frostbite.

It is very important to take care of your feet and hands. Move your toes inside of your shoe as often as possible.

2495 on the trail to Elbrus


What can you do to not get frostbite?

  • It is recommended to drink water every 30-60 minutes in small sips. It can be ginger tea with honey or sugar or isotonic.
  • Shake your feet and hands.


10658981_10152687500689399_6487179946634439996_o on the trail to Lenin Peak


Good luck and see you in the mountains.