Dear friends! Happy Nooruz Holiday!

Every year  Nooruz Holiday is celebrated on 21st of March. On the day of the vernal equinox people prepare a lot of national dishes. The main dish of this holiday is traditional Sumolok. People believe that this dish can make your wishes true. It is made from germinated grains of wheat, flour, nuts and cottonseed oil. People cook it all night. During the cooking people sing songs and dance a lot. It is necessary to add some small stones to this dish according the legend.

An old legend tells a story about a woman that had many children and they were very hungry and wanted to eat. She didn’t have enough food for them. Poor children went to sleep without food. She had only some wheat that she put into the pot with water. She also added some stones there and it seemed that there’s much food there. When all of them woke up in the morning the pot was full of wheat porridge. And children could eat enough. Today people say if you want your wishes to become true you should eat sumolok exactly on Nooruz day!

This holiday is celebrated all over Kyrgyzstan. In Bishkek and Osh (from here all climbers go to Lenin peak) there’s a big holiday at the main square. People dance and enjoy concert of local stars. You can try national food during the holiday.

Let the spring bring you good luck and make your wishes come true!

Nooruz card