Our cook Bahodyr has birthday today! Today he is 50! He has been working as a cook for 30 years! Such a huge experience! For 30 years it is possible to cook even with closed eyes.  Yesterday he told a story that he wanted to become an interpreter of English. But he could not pass exams because places to the university were bought before exams. To get to the university you had to pay some money.  Next year his parents promised to help him to get the university. But Bahodyr went to the army. And after the army he didn’t get to the university as all money was spent for his brother’s wedding. And Bahodyr became a cook.

Many climbers who come to climb Lenin peak know Bahodyr very well. He is always friendly, hospitable and kind. Let’s wish him happy birthday and all the best wishes!  He is one of the best cooks!