Dmitry Erokhin is a famous Russian marathoner has visited Kyrgyzstan. He ran more than 60 marathons and ultra marathons around the world. Some days ago he visited Bishkek.

This time Dmitry has chosen Issyk Kul Lake for his long distance; 450 km around the Lake.

The longest distance in 2014 was ultra marathon from Moscow to Sochi. He ran over 1500km in 26 days. Issyk Kul Run made to support Charitable Foundation that helps children with cancer.

Dmitry started his running from Balykchi near the memorial to a famous Kyrgyz artist (manaschi) Sayakbai Karalaev on October 22. Dima’s friend Damir accompanied during the whole distance. Damir was driving a car and gave him water and fruits every 10-15 km and warm clothes if necessary.  Dmitry didn’t stop even for eating and drinking because it is called “zero speed”. He finished the distance on October 26th. And we got a chance to talk about Issyk Kul Run with Dmitry.

– So today you’ve got to Bishkek. How it was to run around Issyk Kul Lake?

– I ran 350 km instead of 450 as I planned. I injured my back one week before the run. But any way I decided to run.


– What did you eat at the distance?

– Just fruits and water. And some eggs for dinner. I didn’t eat meat as it is too heavy for the stomach.


– How much time did you have for rest?

– About 6 hours. 4-5 hours for sleeping.


-What was the weather like?

– It was warm and sunny. Short raining just once.


– What was the favorite part at the distance?

– Kesken Bell Pass 2109m. Interesting uphill running to the pass.  Southern shore seemed more difficult because of the altitude difference. Very beautiful autumn here. Why all 5 million of Kyrgyz people don’t live here?


– When did you start running?

– Not so long ago, from 2009. I ran my first marathon when I was 27 years old (now Dmitry is 34). Then I decided to run 100 km.


– Why did you choose Issyk Kul lake for running?

– I was looking for the place to run about 500 km. And my friends advised me Issyk Kul.


– Do have a seven southlander in your plans? May be Lenin peak?

– I do. Lenin Peak and Muztagh Ata are in my list of potential climbing from 2011. So, may be one day. I have climbed Elbrus. But summer is too short and I have many plans.


–  What will you do at home after your return?

– Relax! (It means not to take part in competitions just run 600-900 km during one month).


– New Year holidays are coming soon, what plans do you have?

– Running. I meet every New Year with running since 2008. There’s an international action “Run on the 1st of January” (Run 01.01) in Moscow. I plan to run marathon.


– Will you come to Kyrgyzstan one more time?

– Sure. For the spring marathon at Issyk Kul lake.


After such a long distance Dmitry is feeling good. He has very good appetite. Despite the trauma of the spine in the lumbar, Dmitry heroically went to the distance and ran 350 km! We sincerely wish him good luck and new victories!

Evgenia Moiseenko 27.10.14

Pictures from Dmitry Erokhin.

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