Do you know what we do when climbing season is over? We go to Osh and Batken region to explore caves!

Autumn/spring is the pest period to explore caves at the south of our country. It is not so hot at this time. Summer is usually hot there and it is better to hide somewhere in the mountains where you can feel cold breath of glaciers. Under Lenin peak for example.

Autumn temperature is rather warm during the day in Osh and Batken regions . But it can be rather cold at night. You should have a warm sleeping bag. We have spent almost all nights in tents and cooked outside. It was warm enough to cook outside. Most of food we took in Bishkek before the trip and we had possibility to buy fresh fruits and vegetables on the way.

We have driven about 2600km in this 8 days trip. So many interesting things we have seen and heard from our guide Alexey Dudashvili there.

This program includes caves that are not often visited, Cave Reserves. There are not so many caves in Kyrgyzstan like in Turkmenistan or Uzbekistan but all our caves are located in fantastic places. One of them is Aravan and Ak Bura. Here is located beautiful Chil Ustun. It is possible to see karst outcrops here. Both caves look like underground temples. You will see giant stalactites, stone columns and small thin stalactites-tube that look like frozen stone rain.

This tour includes not just amazing caves with its fantastic inner world. It also includes picturesque scenery around. Landscapes of that are is another world! Jurassic World! The mountains are not mountains. They look like frozen bubbles, painted in purple, red, yellow, blue and orange colors. Bizarre forms! The sculptures, towers, fences, pilasters, waterfalls.

Please, enjoy our pictures and you are welcome to join our next trip to caves next spring!


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