When you have time after your main expedition: Bishkek’s main seightseeng: Museum of sculptures in Oak Park.  Located not far from the main square. There’s a nice restaurant Old Edgar’s (european food). You can enjoy your time in the fresh air.   Kurmandzhan Datka – Alay’s tsarina. Monument is located in the Oak Park. Kyrgyz government and military […]

Collective groups for Lenin Peak Expeditions 2017. Here you can choose dates with guides and join the expedition. Our base camp is working from 01.07 – 31.08.2017. Nikolai Totmyanin Oleg Turaev Artur Usmanov Boris Dedeshko Andrei Lukin Alexandr Ilyin   More information about Lenin Peak expedition is here.  

Here you can buy equipment with special discount. Discounts are given just for our climbers! All necessary things you should order in advance    WIND-SCREEN ОТ FIRE-MAPLE FIRE-MAPLE  20$ Size:  240х680 mm, weight 225 gr.   Gas burn TKB-9209 Kovea  40$ Standard KFG-230, KGF-450, KGF-110,  Gas flow rate 140 g / hr., boiling – 1L 4min 17sek. Diameter 14 cm […]

Dear friends! We decided to collect feed backs from our climbers of different period. It is possible to add you comment and share your opinion of our job, team, guides, staff of the base camp, service, cooks and e.t.c We will be glad if you share your opinion of Asia Mountains Base Camps! And we […]

Recommended equipment for high altitude ascents:   High-altitude tent High-altitude dishes for cooking in camps higher than the base camp Crampons (for example Grivel G12) Back pack (approximately 40-50 liters) Climbing harness – better Petzl or Black Diamond with wide lower straps Safety system Carabiner with clutch – 3-4 pieces Jumar Telescopic trekking sticks Thermos for […]

You have decided to start alpinism and climbing? You should know that climbing is a quite dangerous sport. You will spend much of your personal time for training. Because in the mountains it won’t be important to know what reasons you had to miss your trainings. Your laziness may cost you a life. In the […]

  Who needs Kyrgyz visa? According to Kyrgyz Republic legislation, citizens who need Kyrgyz visa in order to come to Kyrgyzstan have to have valid Passport and visa with them. Visa can be obtained at Kyrgyz embassies abroad (if there’s no Kyrgyz embassy and Kyrgyz Republic representative office, you may get visa in Kazakh embassy […]

Name: Kyrgyz Republic (5.6 million people) Capital: Bishkek (over 1 million people) Territory: 199,900 sq km Neighbors: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, China Language: Kyrgyz (state), Russian (official) Currency: Som (KGS) Country code: +996 Climate: continental Big cities. Crowded streets. Everyone is in a hurry. Many telephone calls and you have no time even for a cup […]

Where to spend your free time in Bishkek? Bishkek is the capital of Kyrgyz Republic. If your journey or buisness trip took you to our small and green city and you do not nkow where to go and how to spend your free time. We will let you know some information about useful places and […]