“Asia Mountains” starts its Base Camp under Lenin peak on 1st of July. Our Base Camp is located at 3600m at the picturesque glade covered with edelweiss. The camp is surrounded by small beautiful lakes. Asia Mountains Base Camp is a cozy please for rest and relaxation. Camp 1 is located at the moraine at […]

Winter expedition 2016 to Lenin peak has started on January 11th from Bishkek. Group’s leader is our guide Sergey Seliverstov that worked with us last summer at Lenin peak with individual climber. Team’s members: – Sergey Seliverstov (leader of Red Fox Asia Team, Bishkek) – Mikhail Danichkin (member of Red Fox Asia Team, Bishkek) – […]

Many interesting people come to Lenin Peak every year. Some of them are professional climbers and some people have just Elbrus as a high altitude experience. It is very interesting to communicate with sportsmen like runners or ironmen. What makes all of them to come to Lenin Peak? And today we talk with one of […]

During the winter holidays the weather makes us really happy with its sunny days. Real frosts haven’t come yet, not so much snow and the weather is stable. If you came to Kyrgyzstan in winter you have so many things to do here! Of course it depends on your free time, plans and skills. If […]

Osh city has 3015th birthday today.  Local government has prepared a theatrical performance for citizens and guests at the main square of the city. There will be a food fair called “Golden Autumn” where farmers will bring their harvest. Later will be a festival called “Borsok”. All people have a chance to try national food […]

Asia Mountains 16th Birthday! We celebrated our 16th birthday. We chosen our favorite guest house in Kegety valley. It is located about 80 km from Bishkek. We were so lucky with the weather. It was raining one day before we arrived. And the next day the weather forecast promised us bad weather with raining and […]

Elbrus Reisen group made a sucсessful ascent to Lenin Peak on August 15th under guiding of professional mountain guide Oleg Turaev. During the acclimatization program guys were not very happy with the weather. But Mountainous Gods were kind and blowed away all clouds. The summit day was chosen on August 15th. And it was a […]

What about vocation under Lenin Peak? Lenin Peak Base Camp is one of the best places where you can spend your holidays. You shouldn’t be a professional alpinist to come there. You will need to have your own sleeping bag and some worm clothes. Even children come to our Base Camp. Just imagine: impressive scenery, […]

Guide’s timetable for Lenin Peak season 2015: Date: Guide: Places: 15.06-30.06.15 ski tour Oleg Turaev Available (discount 10%) 30.06-20.07.15 Nikolay Totmyanin Sold out 04.07-24.07.15 Artur Usmanov Sold out 05.07-26.05.15 Oleg Turaev Sold out 20.07-16.08.15 Boris Dedeshko Sold out 27.07-15.08.15 Nikolay Gutnik Sold out 27.07-16.08.15 Vitaly Lazo Available 01.08-23.08.15 Oleg Turaev Sold out 02.08-20.08.15 Nikolay Totmyanin […]

Today we talk with our professional mountain guide Nikolay Gutnik. How did you start your climbing? When I was about 7 years old I dreamed to get to the mountains. I really don’t know how this crazy idea appeared  because my parents or relatives didn’t go to the mountains. While I was a child that was […]