April is over and have something to share with you. We have visited Batken region. This small far away town is famous for its rare flower Aigul. It starts blooming only in April. The flower is si rare and protected by government. It is in a Red Book. It is endemic plant that grows only […]

Kygryzstan is reach of culture and traditions. One tradition that attracts especially many tourists – is national games.  Kyrgyz people have so many of them! Yong girls are so brave and fast on horses. Young gentlemen are strong and accurate! You have a great chance to see Kyrgyz National Games on 22.07 and 29.07 if […]

When you travel a lot you open new horizons for yourself. In you get deeper to another country, life and its traditions and food. It is so interesting to try new food in another country. Kyrgyz people are nomadic people. Almost all dishes are with meat. It is difficult to imagine vegetarian nomads. We have […]

Dear friends! We would like to offer you to join guaranteed collective groups to Lenin peak in 2017 with professional mountain guides. There will be maximum 3 persons in each group. First group is  guided by Artur Usmanov, the second group is guided by Andrey Lukin. Dates: 1) 25.06 – 14.07.2017 2) 14.07 – 02.08.2017 Price […]

Dear friends! Happy Nooruz Holiday! Every year  Nooruz Holiday is celebrated on 21st of March. On the day of the vernal equinox people prepare a lot of national dishes. The main dish of this holiday is traditional Sumolok. People believe that this dish can make your wishes true. It is made from germinated grains of wheat, […]

We have talked with our guide and travel expert Maxim Bogatyrev to advice our climbers acclimatization program during the expedition to Muztagh Ata peak. The expedition to Muztagh Ata takes 25 days and starts from Bishkek. You will have 15 days to climb the mountain. Acclimatization program for Muztagh Ata Peak 7546m. Day 1. After […]

We start Lenin Peak Base Camp on 25th of June.  Join Lenin Peak expedition and get a special price 1750$ instead of 2060$ from Osh to Osh. Lenin Peak Expedition starts on 25th of June till 14th of July with professional mountain guide. Why to choose us: – ascent with professional mountain guide – cozy […]

One of the main dangers at the high altitude is frostbite fingers. Alpinists should know about it and be very careful. Try to avoid supercooling on the way. You should have right clothes and shoes according the weather conditions. You should be ready for difficulties on the way and have enough power to finish the way on […]

Do you like alpinism and adventures? Do you dream about High Mountain? Are you ready to meet up face to face with clouds? Then try your first high altitude at Lenin Peak. You do not need technical climbing there. If you make your ascent with guide you have more chances to reach the summit successfully. […]

January 2017. Two expeditions to peak Khan Tengri (7010m). Four guys from Kyrgyzstan and Russia started their expedition from Bishkek. It was a long way first by car and then on foot. 1) Sergey Seliverstov (Kyrgyzstan) 2) Semen Dvornichenko (Kyrgyzstan) 3) Mikhail Danichkin (Kyrgyzstan) 4) Alexey Usatyh (Russia) On January 26th  all four members have […]