“Asia Mountains” representative got the price in “Time of Discovery with Discovery Sport”.

Russia. Moscow. November 20th, 2014. Annual ceremony of National Geographic Travel Awards. Readers of “National Geographic Travel Russia” could choose the best destination in tourism at the local web site form 25/09 to 10/11. In nomination “Time of Discovery with Discovery Sport” won Elena Dudashvili, director of Asia Mountains. In this nomination were presented articles about off road trips. Readers liked Elena’s article most of all. Here she described her journey that took 40 days and 15.000 km though China, Tibet, Gobi Desert. The expedition took place in 2011. The start was from Bishkek on the 9th of May – Victory Day in WW II. The route was unique and may me nobody followed it earlier. The most difficult passes were crossed in Tibet, over 5000 a.s.l. That was a huge experience for every participant of the expedition.
In another nomination Kyrgyzstan was chosen as “Health Resort” by National Geographic Travel. It is not a surprise that Kyrgyzstan becomes more and more popular with its touristic potential. You will exactly get pleasure travelling in magnificent mountains, breathing fresh air and eating ecologically clean food. It is possible to find something special in Kyrgyzstan just for you. In winter Kyrgyzstan offers fantastic skiing, freeride and backcountry skiing. In summer time so many place for trekking, rafting, bicycle tours, horse riding, amazing lakes, peaks over 7000m for alpinists and so many other things for the unforgettable adventures!
Welcome to Kyrgyzstan!



Elena Dudashvili, Director of “Asia Mountains”


Time of Discovery


Diploma of Elena