You plan to climb Lenin Peak or Muztagh Ata Peak and need acclimatization before your climbing program?

We offer Acclimatization Program in one the most popular and well known places among climbers – in Ala Archa canyon. You will be met in the airport of Bishkek and get to the cosy and hospitable hotel of Asia Mountains. That is situated not far from the centre of the city. Bishkek is not a big city but you may see snow white peaks that are higher than 4000m through the window of your room. You may breath in cool and fresh air that is blowing from the mountains with the subtle smell of sprusses, flowers, sun and glacier in the morning.

The next day the car will take you to Ala Archa national park. You will get to the alpinist camp and start you hiking from there. Acclimatization program will include as many days as you need. More information about Ala Archa you can find here.   And we will be glad to make acclimatization program specially for you according to your  climbing experience.

Acclimatization Program before the expedition gives 10% discount for Lenin Peak and 5% discount for Muztagh Ata peak.