Osh city has 3015th birthday today.  Local government has prepared a theatrical performance for citizens and guests at the main square of the city. There will be a food fair called “Golden Autumn” where farmers will bring their harvest. Later will be a festival called “Borsok”. All people have a chance to try national food here. Celebration of the holiday will be finished with a big concert of local stars and singers.

It is possible to get to Osh by car from Bishkek. Long but beautiful road. Usually it takes about 11-12 hours.  Another option is to take a plane from Bishkek to Osh, just 40 minutes of the flight.


All climbers that go to Lenin peak first of all arrive to Osh city. From this point starts a way to the seventhousander.

Osh city is located at the foothill of Alay Mountains in the eastern part of Fergana Valley. Average altitude of the city is 870-1100 meters above the sea level.   The climate is continental and dry. It rains very rarely in summer time. Temperature rises more that +30C during the day.  It is possible to hide in shade of parks that have many trees.


Population of Osh city is 243 300 people. The city is the second biggest city after Bishkek. Osh is called “Eastern Capital”.  There are more than twenty different nationalities: Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Russians, Tatars,  Turkish , Turkmens and others.


Osh city is well known with its sacred mountain Suleiman Too. It is a sacred place of pilgrimage for the majority of Central Asia. The mountain is also very popular among women who want to get rid of infertility. Also it is possible to visit a mosque at the mountain.

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Mountain’s cave has a museum of local lore where you will see history and nature of the region. After the Museum take your way to Rock paintings called “Syurot Tash”, there are more than 100 of paintings (1 thousand years BC).  Later you can enjoy of panoramic view of the city from the observation deck. It is better to come here before the sun set and catch a fantastic view of the sun.


 What else you can see in Osh:

Besides the sacred mountain of Suleiman you can find different mosques old (Ravat Abdulla Khan XVII-XVIII, Mukhammed Yusuf Baihodji 1909) and new (Sheiti Dobo) that has place for 5000 people. There’s also a Russian Orthodox Church of Archangel Michael, located at Kurmanjan Datka street, 219.


It is possible to visit National Drama Theatre that  is located in the central part of the city, Philharmonic, cinemas. Performance and films are mostly shown in Kyrgyz language. You can visit Central Square and Osh Bazaar too.

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ош, Иркиштам, 020

Places for dinner or lunch:

“Tsarsky Dvor”, at Lenin avenue

“Borsok”, Masaliev str, 60А wifi

Blonder Pub, Kulatov str 15 a / Osmonov str

It is possible to take taxi in any part of the city. Small cars that usually do not follow the rules. Low price.


Welcome to Osh!