Today we celebrate a great holiday in Kyrgyzstan Nooruz (nou’ru:z).  This day marks the first day of spring or Equinox as and the beginning of the year. This holiday is one of the most celebrated in Kyrgyzstan. And it is an official day off. People cook many tasty things, visit relatives and friends on this day. Usually Kyrgyz people burn out a small branch of juniper (archa) to smoke own houses. And the person with the burning branch should say: “Alas-alas, ar baleden kalas”. That means: “All bad luck and troubles go away!”  After the ceremony of smoking hoses people believe that happiness, good luck and peace will come to their houses. Adults and children prepare new clothes for the holiday, with typical colors are: red, white, blue.

During the whole night women cook a special dish called “Sumolok”. Sumolok is made from wheat, barley and millet. According to the old legend wheat’s grains should be grown on the wet material seven days before the holiday. And it should be watered every day. After seven days the wheat is milled and mixed with flour, rice, nuts and water. Cooking of this mixture takes 24 hours.

We would like to wish you good luck and happiness and let the spring to bring warmth and peace!

(foto: by Vadim Savin)