Hurry up! We have 2 more places in the group to Muztagh Ata peak 7546m. Starts on 30.06.14 from Bishkek under guiding of professional mountain guide Sergey Filatov.

“Easy” and popular. Muztagh Ata is one of the most popular ascents above seven-thousand meters, perhaps second only to Lenin peak in the neighboring country Kyrgyzstan. There are a number of reasons for its popularity: access to the mountain is very easy. In just a few hours you can reach the base camp from the paved Karakoram highway. – The beauty of the nature is stunning in this part of the world and the mountain itself is located in an interesting area close to the ancient Silk Road. The main reason is most likely Muztagh Ata’s reputation for being one of the easiest peaks over sever-thousand meters to climb. The normal route is ‘easy’ technically, and there are few objective dangers. The high altitude, deep snow on the enormous windswept slopes and the biting winds still make it a hard target. However, the bottom line is; there is no ‘easy’ peak at this altitude.

You can book a tour till 10.06.14. Join our team and get unforgettable memories!!!

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